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Peyton Manning Is A Free Agent, Where Does He Go From Here? (W/ Poll)

Unless you were hiding under a rock, in a cave or possibly stuck in a box in some random basement then you have heard the big news today. No not the "Hey we are Apple and this is the latest device we have created that will be poorly built out of the cheapest Chinese components available but otherwise looks really cool and more importantly is the cool thing to have!" news. No, I am speaking of the Peyton Manning news and that of his release from the Indianapolis Colts.

I am sure everyone assumed this would happen, right? But now what? Where does he wind up? He is arguably the biggest free agent to hit the free market at the QB position, the most important position in the NFL, ever. Word has been circulating for weeks as to who wants him and maybe more important who he wants or where he wants to be. Sure he has a home in Miami and from all accounts loves the area but is that enough? He can get a home anywhere in the world he wants, many of them for that matter. In the end he will go to the team that is the best fit for him top to bottom. There are many things that will figure in to that equation but at his age finding a team that would provide him with the opportunity to add more rings to his hand's has to be first and foremost.

It would seem that the Dolphins would be a good fit but what of the rumors of the Texans having interest? Are we closer then them? Most would say no. What of the Jets, Seattle or any of the other rumored teams?

So where in your heart do you believe he winds up?