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Hyde: Don't Talk Of Peyton Manning's Age

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Hopefully, Miami will.
Hopefully, Miami will.

In just a few hours, the Indianapolis Colts will hold a press conference, with quarterback Peyton Manning and team owner Jim Irsay officially announcing Manning's release. As the ink dries on the divorce decree, Manning will immediately be the most coveted free agent since Reggie White. And, the Miami Dolphins should be the first team knocking on Manning's door.

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But, there are some fans who don't want Manning. They are afraid of his neck, following four surgeries. They are afraid of his age, 36-years-old at the start of next season. They are afraid of "retreads" and Daunte Culpepper. They want a "quarterback of the future," and Manning would be the quarterback of right now.

Would right now be a problem?

Dave Hyde of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel wrote an article last night about Manning. And, maybe this excerpt best explains why the Dolphins need to land Manning:

"Peyton Manning? For two, possibly three years of elite play if his health holds? Are you kidding me?

"Manning, even at 36 , can make the Dolphins a contender if he's as healthy as his good friends and a Zapruder-esque video that made its way to YouTube last week suggests.

"Don't talk of age. Brett Favre, Kurt Warner, John Elway, Dan Marino are all Hall of Famers like Manning, and all had great years past his age.

"Don't talk of building for tomorrow in this case, either. Can Matt Flynn assemble two better years in the next decade than the next two Manning can? Could the Dolphins even out-bid others in better draft position to land Robert Griffin III?"

Hyde continues to give the top ten reasons the Dolphins make since for Manning. But, that portion above is probably the highlight of the article. And, it's dead on, correct. If Manning can come to Miami and give the team two-to-three years of play like Peyton Manning, then what's the down side? That the Dolphins don't have a quarterback to lead them to the promised land in five years?

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I am all for Peyton Manning coming to Miami. I want Manning's phone ringing during the press conference, with Jeff Ireland and Stephen Ross being patched through from the hovering helicopter. As soon as Irsay is done talking, I want a Dolphins curtain to roll down over the Colts background, and Joe Philbin to be standing up there telling everyone that the Dolphins got their man. I want Brandon Marshall to stand up in the back of the room, and Peyton throw him a pass as soon as he finishes taking questions.

I want Manning to tell everyone he's taking his talents to South Beach.