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Tuesday Night Random Live Tread: Last Meal Edition

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Tuesdays have become the food based post of the week. With that my question of the week is if you had only one meal left what would you're choice be? (As you can see I need more ideas emailed to me so please keep them coming.)

If I had a choice it would be an appetizer of spinach-artichoke dip, another appetizer of sushi (hey it's my last meal) a really good Cesar salad, a bone in rib-eye with scallops on the site, asparagus with hollandaise sauce, a loaded baked potato and a slice of cheese cake with a fresh strawberry sauce. Of course I need a fresh brewed ice tea, any of the fine brews from Fredericksburg Brewing and a warm snifter of Grand Marnier to finish it all off. Damn, I feel full just thinking about it.

Please remember, this is a live thread. This of course means that any subject is on the table but please avoid discussing politics and religion while keeping things as close to PG as possible. That mean you too Nicky! Also, please no posting of gif's in the live posts. They only serve to slow down the thread for those with slower internet service.

So tell us, what would your last meal be?

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