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Miami Dolphins News You May Have Missed - 3/5/12

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Here are the Miami Dolphins news stories from around the web you may have missed over the last 24 hours:

Dolphins Coaching Staff:

Gregg Williams Could Have Been Miami's Problem - Phin Phanatic - A Miami Dolphins Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and more.
Imagine the twists of fate that go on around us everyday. Some small, some not so small, some blow up in your face.

Dolphins Quarterbacks:

As the quarterback world turns: Peyton Manning, Matt Flynn situations to get clarity this week | The Daily Dolphin
The Dolphins want a franchise quarterback for 2012 – that much is certain. But Stephen Ross and Jeff Ireland don’t know if that will be Peyton Manning, Matt Flynn or Robert Griffin III.

Miami Dolphins: Decision day impacts AFC East – Miami Dolphins – Sun-Sentinel
Three important decisions will be made today in the NFL that could drastically impact the AFC East division, and as a result the Miami Dolphins.

Loyalty no longer an NFL tenet | Miami Dolphins In Depth
Loyalty schmoloyalty! Long ago, when I moved over to NFL coverage after covering the University of Miami for much of its football and baseball heyday, I was still bought in to the idea of team loyalty.

Dolphins Offensive Line:

Tackle Talent: Jonathan Ogden Likes What He Sees In Jake Long
Former Baltimore Ravens left tackle Jonathan Ogden was the dominant tackle of his era and he can see Jake Long becoming that for the Miami Dolphins.

2012 NFL Draft:

Manning, Rams may benefit from looming Dolphins-Redskins battle | ProFootballTalk
They've played twice before in the Super Bowl. But their next two fights could go a long way toward determining whether either team gets back there in the near future.

The Rams' market for second overall pick - NFL Nation Blog - ESPN
The Washington Redskins look like an early favorite to acquire the second overall pick in the 2012 NFL draft from the St. Louis Rams.

Phinsider News You May Have Missed (PNYMHM):

2012 Matty Awards - Voting Part 1 - The Phinsider
The 2012 Matty Awards, recognizing the top members of the Phinsider community. The Phinsider is SB Nation's Miami Dolphins blog.

Suspensions Appear Likely for New Orleans Saints Bounty Program - The Phinsider
The NFL recently announced the results of a two year investigation into the New Orleans Saints' practice of using bounty payments for defensive players who injure opponents.

2012 Free Agency: Franchise Tags - The Phinsider
The NFL franchise tag deadline is tomorrow, meaning teams have the rest of today to complete any long term deals they can to prevent players from hitting free agency.

Miami Dolphins All-Time Top 100 Players: 73. Steve Towle - The Phinsider
Steve Towle was a 6'2" linebacker out of the University of Kansas. Miami drafted him in the sixth round of the 1975 NFL Entry Draft with the 143rd overall pick.