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Welcome to Peyton Manning Week

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Dolphins fans might need a catchy moniker for this Thursday, March 8. Why? Because that's the day Colts quarterback Peyton Manning's $28 million roster bonus is due. And since Indianapolis is expected to select Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck with the first overall selection in the 2012 NFL Draft, it's highly unlikely (though not absolutely out of the question) that the Colts will retain Manning and fork over that hefty sum to him this Thursday. Instead, the Colts are expected to release Manning sometime before his bonus is due (essentially parting ways with their past to make way for their future, if you will). So, yeah ... about that moniker ...

"Quarterback D-Day"? Too self-indulgent.

"Manning Does Miami"? Too obvious!

"Waitin' for Peyton"? Hmmm. Not bad, but not great.

"Day of the Forehead"? ...


Of course, several people on this site are against the idea of Peyton Manning playing for the Dolphins in 2012. Reasons for this opinion vary: some fans are tired of the short-term quarterback option in Miami; some think Manning is old and washed up; some think the Dolphins should just go all-in for Robert Griffin III and be done with it; some would rather sign Packers backup quarterback in free agency; some just want to complain simply because they can.

Hey, whatever works. Everyone's opinion counts at The Phinsider

So, to ring in the week in which Peyton Manning--four-time MVP, 11-time Pro Bowler, Super Bowl champion and MVP--will be briefly unemployed before choosing his next suitor, I present to you a poll where you can let everyone here know who you want to see playing quarterback for the Miami Dolphins in 2012.