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New Orleans Saints Bounty Program Investigation Spreads

The NFL announced earlier this week the results of an investigation into the New Orleans Saints and their use of an illegal "bounty" program, paying players for injurying opponents. According to the NFL's report, the program ran from 2009-2011 and was administered by then Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams.

Williams has apologized for his role in the Saints' bounty program, but the trouble is not ending there for the coach.

Today, the league has begun investigating the Washington Redskins for possible use of the bounty program when Williams was the defensive coordinator there from 2004-2007. A Washington Post report yesterday received from sources that the Redskins did in fact use the system, and now the NFL is looking into those reports.

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"You got compensated more for a kill shot than you did other hits," one former Redskins player, speaking on condition of anonymity, told the newspaper.

The payments ranged from "hundreds to thousands of dollars," with the largest payment believed to be $8,000, the Washington Post report states.

Former Washington head coach Joe Gibbs, who was with the Redskins during that 2004-2007 period, told the newspaper that he was unaware of any bounty program being used with the team.

Now, the Buffalo News is reporting that Williams, who was the head coach for the Buffalo Bills from 2001-2003, administered a bounty program there as well. According to the report, multiple former players, including former safety Coy Wire, have confirmed the use of the bounty program.

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"There was financial compensation," Wire told the newspaper. Another two players, speaking on a condition of anonymity, stated that cash bonuses were awarded for "knockout shots," hits causing opponents to leave the game.

Williams was hired this offseason as the defensive coordinator for the St. Louis Rams, joining Jeff Fisher's coaching staff.

The league is currently considering the consequences of the Saints' use of the bounty program, with suspensions, fines, and the loss of draft picks all possible for the violation.