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2012 Phinsider Community NFL Mock Draft - Pick 12, Seattle Seakawks

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The 2012 Phinsider Community NFL Mock Draft continues, as the Seattle Seahawks make their selection. It's been a busy day with the mock draft, as the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs have both already made their picks. Let's look back at the draft thurs far:








Indianapolis Colt

Andrew Luck, QB


Kansas City Chiefs

Dontari Poe, DT


Washington Redskins

Robert Giriffin III, QB


Minnesota Vikings

Matt Kalil, OT


Cleveland Browns

Trent Richardson, RB


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Morris Claiborne, CB


St. Louis Rams

Justin Blackmon, WR


Jacksonville Jaguars

Quinton Coples, DE


Miami Dolphins

Ryan Tannehill, QB


Carolina Panthers

Fletcher Cox, DT


Buffalo Bills

Riley Reiff, OT

Now, turning our attention to the next selection:

Team: Seattle Seahawks
GM: Phin head 4 life

Now, on to the pick:

With the twelfth pick in the 2012 Phinsider Community NFL Mock Draft, the Seattle Seahawks select:

Height: 6' 5", Weight: 316 lbs.

From Phin head 4 life:

Ranked as number one in his position in this years draft, and coming from Stanford his talent is unmistakable, he is fast for his size, his ability as a OG can only get better over time, I have heard him being mention with some of the great guards in the NFL, I would not go so far as yet, does he have the ability to one day become one, yes of course he does, but the NFL is a beast with in it self. But with his solid technique and great ability there is so much more up to him then down.

From Walter Football:

Projected Round (2012): Top 20.
3/6/12: At the NFL Scouting Combine, DeCastro was excellent. He had solid times, measurements and excelled in the field work. DeCastro was very smooth and fluid in the agility drills while displaying quick feet. He confirmed his high first round grade.

DeCastro was a dominant force in 2011. A fabulous run blocker, he shoves defensive linemen around at the line of scrimmage and gets to the second level of the defense to hit blocks on linebackers. DeCastro pulls extremely well to hit defenders on the run. He also is an excellent pass blocker.

In limited plays against standout Washington defensive tackle Alameda Ta'amu, the best tackle he faced this season, DeCastro beat him and opened up holes for the Cardinal running backs. He also stonewalled a Ta'amu bull rush. DeCastro is an elite guard with big potential for the next level. The road-grader combined with tackle Jonathan Martin led Stanford to average 210.6 yards per game in 2011.

8/20/11: David DeCastro is an experienced starter who is a second-team All-American entering the 2011 season. He is a strong run blocker. Stanford averaged 213.8 rush yards per game with him paving the way at right guard. DeCastro also is a good pass blocker and was an All-Pac-10 first-teamer as a sophomore. This is his third season as a starter and he has been a team leader. It wouldn't be surprising if DeCastro declares for the draft.

The Arizona Cardinals are on the clock.