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Saturday Night Random Live Thread: Greatest Band/Artist Of All Time Edition

So once again we have come to a Saturday night which has become the night with the music based theme. With that in mind tonight's question is what is the greatest band/artist ever? I am not really asking what is your all time favorite band as much as who is the greatest band in history. I know the argument is usually between the Rolling Stones and The Beatles with a few others thrown in here and there. We want to know where you fall in that epic debate.

As always this is an open thread meaning that any subject outside of politics and religion is on the table. Of course being on the front page we ask that you please keep things as close to PG as possible. Also please limit the pics to two or three per person. Also no GIF's in the live threads. They slow down the upload speeds for those on slower connections.

So tell us, who do you think is the greatest band/artist of all time? Please take time and think about it. It should be someone with a solid body of work that also influenced many other artist.