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Details About Miami Dolphins Linebacker Koa Misi's Battery Charges

Earlier today, Miami Dolphins linebacker Koa Misi was arrested by the Broward County Sheriff's Department for charges of battery. At the time, that was the only word released about Misi, along with his listed $10,000 bond.

Now, an report has a little more information about Misi's arrest. According to the report, the Sheriff's Office spokesman said the arrest was made without incident, at Misi's home in Weston, Florida. The charges, according to the Sheriff's Office, stem from a bar fight several months ago in California.

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The arrest was made at the request of the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office in California. Misi plans to waive his extradition hearing, and will plead not guilty to the charges, according to his attorney. The charges on Misi include battery with serious bodily harm.

According to Misi's lawyer, Misi and a group of his friends were walking through a Santa Barbara neighborhood back in June. The group, men and women, had an "unfortunate situation" with a member of the neighborhood - not the bar fight the Sheriff's Office reported.

"He's never had any problems with the law [before now]," Misi's attorney stated. "He's never had any history of being aggressive with people, or run-ins with law enforcement or bars or anything."

Misi, a California native, has spent two seasons with the Dolphins after being drafted in the second round of the 2010 NFL Draft . He has tallied 75 tackles and 5.5 sacks in his career, starting 20 of 28 games in which he has appeared.

(Picture courtesy of Broward County Sheriff's Office / March 30, 2012)