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The Phinsider Podcast - Episode 2: Announcement of the Hall of Fame Members

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Last night, we conducted the second episode of the Phinsider podcast. As with last week, I was joined by kmb8488 as my co-host, but this week, we took the show live. We had our share of technical difficulties during the show, including me dropping out of the podcast for about a minute early on. Sorry about that.

Anyway, we incorporated Twitter, chat, comments, and phone into last night's show, and it made it a lot of fun. We talked Ryan Tannehill early on in the show, hit on Stephen Ross and Jeff Ireland meeting with the media, and talked about the rules changes the league made this week. But, really, the highlights of the night were bringing on the four Joe Robbie Memorial Phinsider Hall of Fame inductees for 2012. Kmb8488, texascowpunk, The Earl, and Ohiofinfan4life all made up the class for this year.

It was a great time, and, while we weren't always on Dolphins talk, I hope you guys enjoy the show. You can listen to it below, you can follow the show over on, and, now, you can subscribe to the show on iTunes.

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