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Chad Pennington Coaching Mark Sanchez

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Former Miami Dolphins and New York Jets quarterback Chad Pennington has not played a football game in nearly two years, only playing in four in three years. After four shoulder surgeries, the two-time NFL Comeback Player of the Year is expected to retire, although he has not ruled out a return in a backup/mentor type role. And, it's in that role that Pennington is working now.

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After a year of working as a television analyst for Fox, Pennington is once again deciphering former head coach Tony Sparano's playbook. Except, this time, an report states, Pennington is in the mentor role, assisting Jets quarterback understand the terminology and schemes of his new offensive coordinator.

With the new league year not starting until March 13, the Jets coaching staff, including Sparano, cannot coach any of their players until then. But, with Pennington being a free agent, he is free to work with Sanchez. According to the report, the two have held multiple classroom sessions, utilizing an old Dolphins playbook as their text.

Jets head coach Rex Ryan has stated that Sanchez will be the team's starting quarterback next year, but that has not stopped the rumors circling the team. While the Jets being the eventually landing spot for Peyton Manning seems like a long shot, the team could be looking to add Pennington as a backup for Sanchez. There are also reports that the team could be looking to bring in former Dolphins starting quarterback Chad Henne to serve as the backup to Sanchez, if not replace him as the starter.

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