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The Phinsider Podcast - March 29, 2012

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The Phinsider Podcast is going live tonight at 9pm EDT. Feel free to join us via phone, Twitter, chat, or comments. We will try to get as many callers and comments as we can on the show.

The big news coming out of tonight's show is the announcement of the Joe Robbie Memorial Phinsider Hall of Fame. All four inductees for tonight will be announced live, and hopefully we will get a chance to talk to them.

Read on for the information on how to take part in tonight's show:

Listen to internet radio with The Phinsider Podcast on Blog Talk Radio

You can join us tonight by calling in to the show. Our phone number is 347-326-9461. You can also chat with us by heading over to the podcasts's website and joining the chat room.

We also have Twitter open and running. You can talk to us there. Just make sure you use the hashtag #Phinsider so we can see it right away.

We will also be checking the comments in here, so you can write below, and we will see it.

Hope to hear from all of you tonight!