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Wednesday Night Random Live Thread:Favorite Comedy Of All Time W/Poll

So sticking with tonight's theme of television, my question tonight is what is your all time favorite comedy? I personally have to go with Seinfeld (top Seinfeld moments)although the list of ones I like/love is a mile long.

As always remember this is an open thread so feel free to discuss anything that does not include politics and religion. Please avoid posting too many picks (2 or 3 per person is usually good) and no GIF's. The GIF's will slow down the load time for those with a slower connection. Also remember we are on the front page and keeping things as close to PG as possible is appreciated (that means even you Dave!).

So tell us what is your all time favorite comedy on television?

Unrelated song of the night. Wilco pays tribute to the late, great Gram Parsons!