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Tuesday Night Random Live Thread:Favorite Full Service Restaurant Edition

So sticking with the theme of food on Tuesday night posts and having already asked what is your favorite fast foodrestaurant, tonight's question is what is your favorite full service restaurant.

Mine is a little steak house out in Decatur Texas on their town square called Sweetie Pie's Ribeyes For those of you that have heard me talk about the best chicken in the world, Babe's Chicken Dinner House this is by the same people. They server a top quality ribeye steak at a reasonable price and also happen to have the best rolls I have EVER had.

Remember this is an OPEN thread meaning that any topic is open for discussion outside of religion and politics. Please keep things as close to PG as possible, limit picks to two per person and no GIF's. The GIF's slow down the load times for those with slower connections.

So tell us, what is your favorite full service restaurant?