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2012 Phinsider Community NFL Mock Draft - Team Assignments and Rules

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A couple of days ago, I posted the sign up thread for the Phinsider's Community NFL Mock Draft. In the end, 45 different people signed up for a slot, unfortunately meaning 13 people did not get a team. However, in order to get more people involved, I assigned draft positions, rather than teams. This means, for teams like the New England Patriots, Cleveland Browns, and Cincinnati Bengals, one pick will be made by one person, and their second pick in the first round will be made by someone else.

But that's okay, because, if this works like I hope it does, we will be able to spread this into the second round.

Here are the rules and how we will run this year's community draft. Each of you will email me your pick and an explanation about the choice. With the team assignments below, I will place the deadline time for your pick. If you are an even number pick (which, I will mark with an asterisk), I will need you to send me two picks, covering if the odd number pick in front of you takes your draft choice.

I am going with no trades this year - but if you think your team will trade out of the position, feel free to write it in the explanation of the pick. The only reason that I restrict the trades this year is, in previous versions of the community mock draft, trades started off reasonably, but by the end became silly. I would like to prevent that from happening this year.

My goal is to start the mock on Monday, which should give people enough time to learn their team's needs - given the first two picks are already pretty well known.

Each pick will get its own story on the front page, with two posts per day over 16 days to complete the first round. If everything goes smoothly, we will then continue into the second round.

Continue reading to see the team assignments, and feel free to ask any questions you may have in the comments below.

Pick Team GM Email Kevin (EDT) Publish on Site
1 Indianapolis Colts


March 25 @ 8pm March 26
2 Washington Redskins Irishphan March 25 @ 8pm * March 26
3 Minnesota Vikings NJ13 March 26 @ 8pm March 27
4 Cleveland Browns 1977 Blazer fan March 26 @ 8pm * March 27
5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Souwantmyname March 27 @ 8pm March 28
6 St. Louis Rams Hollywood Dolfan March 27 @ 8pm * March 28
7 Jacksonville Jaguars Neo March 28 @ 8pm March 29
8 Miami Dolphins small balls March 28 @ 8pm * March 29
9 Carolina Panthers Orange_Cisco March 29 @ 8pm March 30
10 Buffalo Bills abailey March 29 @ 8pm * March 30
11 Kansas City Chiefs cubman987 March 30 @ 8pm March 31
12 Seattle Seahawks Phin head 4 life March 30 @ 8pm * March 31
13 Arizona Cardinals Mr_Solo_Dolo March 31 @ 8pm April 1
14 Dallas Cowboys AnishB15 March 31 @ 8pm * April 1
15 Philadelphia Eagles Paranoid Phin Phan April 1 @ 8pm April 2
16 New York Jets AcolyteofRa April 1 @ 8pm * April 2
17 Cincinnati Bengals The Earl April 2 @ 8pm April 3
18 San Diego Chargers PhinPhan910 April 2 @ 8pm * April 3
19 Chicago Bears Henry M April 3 @ 8pm April 4
20 Tennessee Titans BSerious72 April 3 @ 8pm * April 4
21 Cincinnati Bengals dolfan April 4 @ 8pm April 5
22 Cleveland Browns kmb8488 April 4 @ 8pm * April 5
23 Detroit Lions Yakov April 5 @ 8pm April 6
24 Pittsburgh Steelers Donnie1313 April 5 @ 8pm * April 6
25 Denver Broncos scrappy the wildcat April 6 @ 8pm April 7
26 Houston Texans wild zion beaver April 6 @ 8pm * April 7
27 New England Patriots broxtone April 7 @ 8 pm April 8
28 Green Bay Packers NickCallaway April 7 @ 8pm * April 8
29 Baltimore Ravens Phinphana April 8 @ 8pm April 9
30 San Francisco 49ers EverybodyLovesDolphins April 8 @ 8pm* April 9
31 New England Patriots David Leal April 9 @ 8pm April 10
32 New York Giants Elzabar April 9 @ 8pm * April 10

Please make sure you get your email to me on time, so I can get the story ready to publish. If someone does not get their pick in on time, myself or Finhead83 will make the pick for that team, so we can keep the draft moving.

Again, please feel free to leave your questions below in the comments, or you can send me an email.

Just in case any of you don't know, my email is available at the bottom of every page on the site. Just click on the envelop next to my name, or you can click on my name and get to my profile, where it is also listed.