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Miami Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross Calls Fan, Explains Some Moves

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Texascowpunk brought us this story late last night, but I wanted to bring it back to the top of the page, in case you guys missed it. Yesterday, Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross called Jason Lawrence, one of the fans who took part in the fan protest earlier this week. During their 27-minute phone call, the two talked Brandon Marshall, Matt Flynn, and Tim Tebow.

Lawrence, who has been a season ticket holder for the past 20 years, told the South Florida Sun Sentinel that Ross explained to him Marshall, who was traded just as the NFL's free agency period started, going to Chicago for two third-round draft picks, would have been cut if the team had not made the trade with the Bears.

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"[Ross] said they had been shopping [Marhsall] for a couple weeks," Lawrence told the Sun-Sentinel. "Nobody would return their phone calls about getting him. If Chicago didn't take [Marshall] ... they would have ended up cutting him very shortly after that, and got nothing."

When the conversation turned to Matt Flynn, Ross told a different side of the story from the one Flynn has been putting out since signing with the Seattle Seahawks this week.

"[Ross] goes, 'If my coachwanted Matt Flynn didn't you think he would be here?'" Lawrence said. "'If my coach said I want Matt Flynn as our starting quarterback next year he would be here, but I couldn't pay Matt Flynn $8 million to come here. If I end up getting him, it's a gamble ... and I'm still drafting a quarterback. I'm still looking for another option."

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Flynn isn't the only quarterback Ross could not pay $8 million. Ross told Lawrence that Alex Smith, who just re-signed with the San Francisco 49ers, wanted to come to Miami, but the team could not justify paying Smith the $8 million per year he was requesting, when current starter Matt Moore has comparable production, and could end up being the team's starter, despite Smith's salary.

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According to Lawrence, the missing on a quarterback the bothered Ross was Peyton Manning, who chose to sign with the Denver Broncos. Ross explained that Manning was not comfortable with the Dolphins, and wrote a letter to the Dolphins' owner to explain why he did not choose Miami.

The final quarterback the two men talked was Tim Tebow. The former Heisman Trophy winner from the University of Florida Gators was, according to Ross, never a target for the Dolphins. Lawrence told the Sun-Sentinel, "[Ross] told the staff immediately unless Tim Tebow can help them win they're not interested in getting him."

Ross ended the conversation with Lawrence by reaffirming his commitment to putting a winning team on the field. "[Ross] said, 'I'm telling you right now I want to sit next to you and I want to beat my chest with you,'" Lawrence told the Sun-Sentinel. "'I didn't buy this team to make money, or to run a business. I'm passionate. I want to win, I'm a winner.'"