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Miami Dolphins News You May Have Missed - 3/24/12

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Here are the Miami Dolphins news stories you may have missed over the last 24 hours:


Garrard paid higher than Matt Moore - NFL Nation Blog - ESPN
The Miami Dolphins were not playing around when they signed 34-year-old David Garrard to compete with Matt Moore.


Five team needs for the Miami Dolphins - South Florida
Dolphins have plenty of holes to fill in NFL Draft

Miami Dolphins: What was accomplished during free agency? – Miami Dolphins – Sun-Sentinel
The process is pretty simple. Fill the holes. More talent should come in than what goes out. That’s what the offseason is about in the NFL.

Miami Dolphins: Owner Steve Ross calls angry fan - South Florida
Miami Dolphins owner Steve Ross explains moved to protesting fan


NFL movers-and-shakers get down to business in Palm Beach next week | The Daily Dolphin
Don't be surprised if you go out to dinner in Palm Beach next week and run into Robert Kraft or John Mara. Heck, the owners of the New England Patriots and New


NFL Competition Committee Recommends Rule Changes - The Phinsider
The NFL Compeition Committee has forwarded several rules changes to the league's owners this week. Included are changes to the horse collar tackle, replays, and the trade deadline.

Miami Dolphins Free Agency Weekly Recap and Analysis - The Phinsider
Weekly recap of free agency: How did the Miami Dolphins and others fare?

Miami Dolphins All-Time Top 100 Players: 54. Wayne Moore - The Phinsider
A Pro Bowl left tackle, Wayne Moore appeared in 98 games, starting 66 over his nine year Dolphins career.

The Phinsider Official Podcast - Episode 1 - The Phinsider
The Phinsider Official Podcast makes its debut. You can listen to the initial episode here.