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Saturday Night Random Live Thread: All Time Favorite Artist/Band Edition

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Well after a week off and a week of insanity we have come back around to the weekly music themed post. This weeks question is what is your all time favorite artist/band? Not who you are listening to now but the one band/artist that you have always loved and that you know you will still be listening to 20 years from now.

Mine is as many here know Neil Young. I have a long list of bands and artist that I love but he will always be my all time favorite.

As always remember this is an open thread and as such any subject outside of religion and politics is on the table. Please keep picks to a minimum of two per person. No GIF's in the live thread's please. They slow down the load times for those on slower connections. Also remember we are on the front page and thus need to keep things as close to PG as possible.

So tell us about your all time favorite artist or band.