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SB Nation 2012 NFL Mock Draft

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It's that time of week again, when we look at SB Nation's 2012 NFL Mock Draft. This week's projection of the Miami Dolphins first round pick, the eighth overall draft choice, takes a different turn. Previously, SB Nation, along with most of the mock drafts around the internet, had Miami taking Iowa Hawkeyes offensive tackle Riley Reiff.

Not anymore. Now Reiff falls to the Buffalo Bills at the tenth overall position.

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So, where do the Dolphins look for their pick? According to SB Nation, the team may be looking to add the much needed pass rusher with the eighth pick - picking up North Carolina Tarheels defensive end Quinton Coples. But, they don't seem overly sure about the pick, writing:

"First, Jeff Fisher rejected them. Peyton Manning never really seemed to want anything to do with them. As a final insult, the Dolphins lost out to Seattle on Matt Flynn, despite Joe Philbin's ties to the quarterback. Watch for them to trade up as Ryan Tannehill gets more attractive as a consolation prize. Or, will they trade down for Brandon Weeden?"

Personally, I am thinking more and more that Tannehill might be the pick for the Dolphins. I know the conventional wisdom right now is that the Cleveland Browns will snag the Texas A&M Aggies quarterback with the fourth selection, but I don't think they are going to give up on Colt McCoy, despite their pursuit of the second overall pick for Robert Griffin III.

I would look for the Browns to use their pick to add Alabama Crimson Tide running back Trent Richardson. The Browns lost power runner Peyton Hillis in free agency this year, and will need to find a runner to fill that hole. Richardson could be that man.

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If that does happen, Tannehill could be sitting there for the Dolphins at the eighth position. With the Dolphins not landing Peyton Manning this offseason, and not appearing to wholeheartedly go after Matt Flynn or Alex Smith, I think the team is targeting someone in the draft. With Mike Sherman, Tannehill's head coach in college, now the Miami offensive coordinator, I think he makes sense.

Some people would hate the pick, seeing it as a huge reach for the Dolphins - and they may be right. But, last year Mike Pouncey was seen as a huge reach as well, and that's turned out okay. If the Dolphins are targeting a quarterback, and there is one they like above everyone else on their draft board, is it really a reach if that's their draft position? Sure, no one right after Miami might be looking to draft Tannehill, but if Miami can't move from the eighth position, they have to take the guy they like when they can, correct?

Anyway, I do believe the Dolphins have a quarterback in mind come next month's draft. We'll all just have to wait and see who it is.