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Thursday Night Random Live Thread:If You Were Starting From Scratch Edition

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So my question/experiment of the night is based on the premise that you are the new general manager of a new NFL expansion team. The normal rules when this happens is that each team can protect a certain number of players and the rest are open to be "drafted" or acquired by the new franchise. That is of course a bit of a simplification of the process but you get the point. In this exercise NO ONE is protected and thus you can take any one player from any one team.

So the exercise works like this-you can pick one and only one player from each team. Given this, which one player from each team would you "draft" to start your new franchise? Also this is based on the player today not lets say a Tom Brady of 5 years ago that still might have 10 years to play. You will of course have a team of 32 players to begin so you might think in the terms of depth as well. Maybe take two top QB's (I know this would never work in real life) so if one goes down you never miss a beat and so on.

Remember as always this is an OPEN thread. While I do throw out an idea/subject to kick off the conversation you are free to talk about anything here as long as you avoid the subjects of politics and religion. Also pleas try and keep things as close to PG as possible. Remember to keep picks to a minimum of two per person and NO GIF's in live threads.

So, tell us who would you take?

Song of the night!