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2012 Phinsider Community NFL Mock Draft

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It's your turn to be the GM....
It's your turn to be the GM....

It's time to bring back our annual tradition here at the Phinsider, the community mock draft. The way this works is that 32 people will be assigned a team. That person is then responsible for drafting for their assigned team - essentially taking on the role of general manager for their assigned team.

Every year that we have done this, it has been painful. People will sign up, and then never post their picks - and we end up waiting for days and trying to replace people.

But, I think I have a way to combat that this year (maybe).

This year, anyone can sign up for the draft. But, please make sure, if you sign up, you are able to actually take part. Instead of the thread posting like we did last year, we will do the draft via email. Essentially, each "GM" will send me their pick, along with a write up of why they made that choice.

If you are interested in taking part, please leave a comment below. I will then take everyone who signs up, and randomly assign them a team. The next post will give a little more detail, and all of the team assignments.

Hopefully this will be fun, and we will actually make it through the draft this year.