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Wednesday Night Random Live Thread: Favorite TV Show Now Edition

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So as Wednesday is always TV night here on the live thread my question of the night is what is your current favorite TV Show? For me it's hard to say as there is nothing that I watch religiously other then sports. I guess if given a choice I would go with "The League" It is an FX show that follows a group of friends through their everyday lives who are otherwise obsessed with their fantasy football league. If you have not seen it yet then it is well worth your time.

Of course this being an open thread means that any other subject can be brought to the table but we ask that you please avoid discussion of religion and politics. Also as these threads get rather long at times please avoid placing GIF's in them as they tend to slow down busy threads for those on slower connections.

As always I am still soliciting ideas for these nightly posts so please email me your ideas. My email can be found in at the bottom of the page or in my profile.

So tell us, what is your favorite show on TV right now?

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