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Tuesday Night Random Live Thread:"We Are All Dolphins Friends" Edition

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I am not sure if any of you saw the Charles Barkley Saturday Night Live that was just rerun again this last Saturday but there is one skit where he turns to all of his other co-hosts on TNT and remarks "we are all black friends". It was a funny line in the context of the skit but it got me to thinking about our own little community here at The Phinsider.

I see things get heated here at times, especially when something happens like the recurring theme of Jeff Ireland and if he is the worst thing since Hitler, the greatest thing since TEVO or just sort of alright like Brian Hartline. (for the record I am a big Harline fan). Everyone has an opinion and a place where they fall on this and every other issue from Ginn to Henne and everything in between. I guess for me the important thing that we all need to remember is that "We are all Dolphins friends!".

Sure we may not know each other in person or maybe we do make some real in person friendships via this site but the bottom line is that we ALL root for the same exact team. We might not always agree with the course of action to get where we want to go but we all have the same goal for this team. Let the debates rage on as that is what drives this site and makes it such a cool place to come to but remember that if other guy that does not agree with your point of view it does not make him your enemy but just another rabid Dolphins fan that bleeds aqua and orange just like you do!

This is an open live thread meaning that any subject outside of religion or politics is on the table. Try your best to keep the language as close to PG as possible. Also please no GIF's in the live threads as they slow things down for everyone and it really frustrates Beaver! Keep picks to a minimum of two or three per person.

So, Dolphins friend, what is on your mind this evening?

Song of the night. The late, GREAT Bob Marley!