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Miami Dolphins Fans "Protest" at Team Facilities

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A group of Miami Dolphins fans have attempted to organize a protest at the team's facilities in Davie, Florida today. The protest is intended to voice the fans' displeasure with the direction the team is heading, and, what they see as, ineffective performance by the team's General Manager, Jeff Ireland. The gathering is scheduled to begin at 1pm EDT.

My only hope during this is that this does not lead to an even more embarrassing situation for the Dolphins and us, as fans. I understand the frustration, but I'm not sure how a "protest" will do anything but lead to even more jokes being made about us.

Hopefully the organizers of this event have thought it out, and it's not simply a small group of people standing on the sidewalk, yelling.

Miami Dolphins protest begins (pic) outside Davie training facility. Six protesters so far. Protest set for 1 p.m.
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