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Friday Night Random Live Thread: Victory Of The Week Vol. 6

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Kincaids burgers, there are no better!

So with another work week in the books we have yet again come full circle and its time for the Victory Of The Week live thread. For those of you that may have missed the first five editions its a simple concept. As this is an open thread you can talk about anything (within reason) and we like to hear your personal victory, big or small, of the week. Call it a conversation starter or just a way to brag about something that you accomplished this week.

Mine was another fairly uneventful week. My big things this week would be hanging out with my son which is always awesome and being able to hit up In-N-Out Burger again last night. Now that would normally be no big deal but I know that every time I tell Keith that I have had some sort of fast food that he can only dream of it makes him just a little insane. And I must say it was better the second time but I still go with Kincaids as the best burger in town or anywhere else for that matter. If you are ever in North Texas you have to try one of their 6 locations in the Fort Worth area and don't forget to ask for it "Cowtown Style" (grilled onions and jalapenos).

Please keep in mind that this is a front page post. As it is an "open" thread any subject is on the table but please steer clear of politics and religion while keeping things as close to PG as possible. Also please refrain from posting GIF's, especially the large ones. They have a huge impact on the upload speed of the page for some of our members.

Ok, enough of my ramblings...what was your victory of the week?

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