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Miami Dolphins Draft Moves: Two Potential Trading Partners

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James Walker of ESPN wrote in his blog this morning that both the Cincinnati Bengals and the New York Jets could be the two most likely trading partners for the Miami Dolphins and their eighth pick in the NFL Draft. The Bengals possess both the 17th and 21st pick and the Jets have the 16th pick of the NFL Draft.

In both scenarios, Walker believes the teams would trade up in hopes of selecting Trent Richardson. Both the 16th and 17th pick would carry similar value and Walker believes either team could offer their first and second round picks along with a late round draft pick. With a pick in the middle of the first round, Miami could look at pass rushing prospects as well as Ryan Tannehill, an offensive lineman, or a safety. I would hope they'd consider Janoris Jenkins too if he was still available. There would also be solid options in the second round Miami could look at with two picks as well.

While the Bengals have been talked about relentlessly as a potential trading partner, this would be the first time anyone has mentioned the Jets as a potential trade partner. Of course, teams rarely ever like to trade with another team within the same division. It brings up an interesting scenario in which many people would be dissatisfied in trying to help a rival team. What would you do if the Jets offered a trade to Miami?

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