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2012 NFL Free Agency:Monday Night Random Live Thread Too Many Fans On The Ledge Edition

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Disclaimer-I normally try my best to keep personal opinion out of these posts but I will cross that line this evening. I apologize in advance.

Well as with all things Miami Dolphins we, the fan base, as a whole seem to over react. I will admit from my vantage point things have looked better before this off season but I am not ready to follow the rest of the lemmings over the side, just yet.

I know that many of you are miffed (I know its an understatement for some) over the trade of Marshall. Some are just mad because he was traded away at all. Well I have to guess that Philbin was not super high on him or he would still be here. I know some lay it all at the feet of Ireland but to believe that they would go out and sign a new head coach to come in and install his offense and then not figure in his opinion on such a huge move makes zero sense. Now if Philbin was on board with him being moved that is what it is and I am fine with it. I for sure would have liked to have gained back more then two third rounders but if they have been shopping him for weeks then common sense tells you that was the market for him.

As far as the QB issue that has everyone on edge for the last couple of days it might do us all good to take a few steps back and think about things. As it applies to Manning there was no way we had the money to pay him anywhere near the reported five for 95 that he just received. In the end that deal was as much about money as it was anything else. As far as Flynn it seems like they did not offer that much for him. Well we do have the one man that knows him better then any other team that might have been after him this week. Maybe, just maybe they thought enough of him to bring him in but were not sold on him as the ultimate answer. If they were not sold on him and they know more then all the rest of us then once again I am fine with this move or lack there of.

I still believe that there is some talent in the draft at QB and am willing to see what they do there to address that and our other needs. Don't take my tone of wait and see as an indication that I am super thrilled with the way things have gone thus far but I also know that this is just week one of free agency and there is much, much more to come. So Ireland, this is your chance to go and redeem yourself. Please, please, please find a way to redeem yourself because I don't have my parachute yet......

Remember that this is an open thread and as such any subject besides politics and religion are on the table. Please keep the conversations civil (debate the points without personal attacks) and as close to PG as possible. Picks are fine but please keep them to a minimum of two per person. Please do not place GIF's in the live thread as they slow down the load times for those with slower connections.

Trying to talk people off the ledge always reminds me of this skit-

(Sorry for the poor quality, including the guy laughing in the background but this is the only copy of this genius skit I could find.)

So with that here is your Allman Brothers-

And here is your beer-


Feel better now? NO? Just wait, it takes some time...........