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Peyton Manning to Denver Broncos; Miami Dolphins To Trade for Tim Tebow?

The speculation is starting that, with Peyton Manning deciding he is going to the Denver Broncos next season, Denver will be looking to trade Tim Tebow. And, of course, with that speculation, the Miami Dolphins' name keeps popping up.

Which brings us to, do you think the Miami Dolphins should trade for Tim Tebow? I'm not asking for at what price, just should the Dolphins do it. Maybe Denver is looking for multiple first round picks. Maybe they are looking for $3.72 in cash. Whatever it is, it doesn't matter.

So, vote, and don't be afraid to share your comments below. (Since, for some reason Tebow always becomes a sensitive subject, I will remind you, please don't personally attack anyone - to include Tebow - and make sure you keep religion out of the debate).