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2012 NFL Free Agency Random Live Thread:Waiting On Matt Flynn Edition

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 (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Well we have moved on from waiting on Peyton Manning to waiting on Matt Flynn. That's progress one way or another I suppose. I assume the debate will rage on throughout the off-season as to the differences between the two quarterbacks and which one gives you the best chance to win both now and long term.

Everyone knows what Peyton brings to the table when healthy. I guess the huge questions on Manning is how close to full health and his former self is he. Some say he is fine and some say maybe not. I think this is one of those things that will only be known for sure once he is on the field in a real game taking real hits. There is also the question of how much longer can he play if he is healthy. Once again something that we will not know until it happens.

As far as Flynn goes the question is of course can he do it week in and week out for a different team and not just a couple of times in a killer offense in spot duty. I see all sorts of declarations on this site that he is this or that but once again no one knows until the final product is rolled out on the field for real. If the assumed eventual signing of Flynn does go down it seems logical to assume that he was endorsed in a huge way by our new head coach Joe Philbin.

As always this is an OPEN thread. This of course means that any subject outside of politics and religion is open for discussion here. Please try to keep the language as close to PG as possible and not GIF's in the live threads. The GIF's slow down the load times for those on slower connections. Also pics are fine but try to keep them to just a couple per person and not giant for the same reason of load times.

So tell us what is on your mind this evening?

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