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2012 NFL Free Agency Random Live Thread: I Guess It's Matt Flynn Time Edition

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Well by now we all know that Peyton Manning has given the Dolphins the Heisman and let them know he will be plying his trade elsewhere. Now we turn our weary heads towards Matt Flynn. Of course he is a more controversial choice on this site but I do not know that any of us can say with 100% certainty what he will bring to the table. I would suspect that if you have just handed over the running of your team on the field to Joe Philbin then maybe it is wise to listen to his opinion on the QB that he has just spent the last few years grooming.

I know, a lot of folks here have some other backup that we want to compare him to. No need for me to list them here. I will say that similar situations do not equal the two men being the same guy.

Of course this is an "open" thread meaning that any subjects outside of politics and religion are open for discussion. Please try and keep things as close to a PG level as possible. Also please do not place GIF's in this or any other live thread as they drastically slow down the load times for those on slower connections. Pic's are fine but please no really large ones and a minimum of two per person.

So what are your thoughts as we move on from Manning?

Rage covering Dylan! Does it get much better?