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Miami Dolphins Moving to Matt Flynn Chase - Fan Poll

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Reports yesterday state that free agent quarterback Peyton Manning called the Miami Dolphins and informed them that he would not be signing with them. With that word, the Dolphins are adjusting their focus, now turning to former Green Bay Packers quarterback Matt Flynn.

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Flynn has spent his four years in the NFL as the backup to NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers. During that time, new Miami head coach Joe Philbin was the Packers' offensive coordinator. The Dolphins are expected to pursue Flynn to take over as the team's starting quarterback, coming into an offensive system familiar to him already.

Flynn is expected to meet with the Dolphins sometime this weekend, after he concludes a meeting with the Seattle Seahawks starting today.

Which brings us to our question for today. Do you agree with the Dolphins moving on to Flynn, or should they turn their focus to someone else?