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Who's it going to be?

New, comments's Michael Lombardi thinks Peyton Manning will make his decision sometime today, and Matt Flynn is set to meet the Seahawks, so it looks like the free agent quarterback market could dry up in a hurry here. That news is no que bueno for Dolphins fans who just want a flippin' signal caller in place already, and it could also pump up Ryan Tannehill's draft stock to the point where the Dolphins would have to trade up to land the Texas A&M quarterback. Yikes.

I refuse to acknowledge the Manning situation at this point (too exhausting!), and Miami's non-committal attitude toward Flynn is alarming, to say the least, so it's hard for me to say whether or not I am excited for what should be a Dolphins roller coaster ride over the next few days. What do you guys think will happen with our quarterback position?