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Monday Night Random Live Thread:Manning Watch Day Five Continued Edition

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(Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)
(Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Well tonight is normally movie night but given the recent news I figured everyone would have their mind on another subject. Assuming that by the time this post goes up that nothing has gone down on the Manning front that it will still be the news dominating this site. Well either way it will be I suppose. So here it is, another Manning watch live thread from Tex.

As this is a live thread any subject outside of religion and politics is on the table. Also try your best to keep things as close to PG as possible. I know Nicky will pull you off sides from time to time but try to resist it the best you can. Also try and keep pics small and to a minimum of one or two per person. Please no posting of GIF's in live thread. They drastically slow down the load times for those on slower connections once the comment content get's high.

So whats on your mind this evening, Manning related or otherwise?

The greatness of Chris Thile, Sara Watkins and Sean Watkins aka Nickel Creek!