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Peyton Manning in Arizona; Denver Trip "Encouraging"

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Yesterday, the NFL news wire seemed silent after a day of near chaos on Friday. Friday, Peyton Manning flew to Denver, the Washington Redskins sent the St. Louis Rams Joe Theisman, Darrell Green, John Riggins and a few draft picks for Robert Griffin III, and the New York Jets gave Mark Sanchez the Tony Sparano treatment and the keys to Fort Knox in exchange for staying with the team three more years.

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Yesterday, crickets filled the air.

Manning met with the Denver Broncos on Saturday, a visit the Denver Post called productive, with the team being "encouraged" by the meeting. Saturday night, Manning left Denver and headed to Phoenix to meet with the Arizona Cardinals.

Following his meeting with the Cardinals, Manning is expected to meet with the Miami Dolphins. Manning owns a condo in Miami, and the Dolphins have long been considered the favorite to sign the 4-time league MVP.

Although no scheduled meeting has been announced, the Kansas City Chiefs have publicly acknowledged that they are interested in the 35-year old quarterback. Despite the trade for the second overall pick, the Redskins are still rumored to want to talk to Manning, as well.

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Manning, the NFL's only 4-time league MVP, was released by the Indianapolis Colts on Wednesday. Manning missed the entire 2011 season recovering from neck surgery. The Colts went 2-14 without Manning, and are expected to select Andrew Luck with the first overall choice in next month's NFL Draft.