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Miami Dolphins News You May Have Missed - 2/4/12

Here are the Miami Dolphins news stories from around the web you may have missed over the last 24 hours:

Dolphins Head Coach:

Who is Joe Philbin? Former Iowa players Brian Ferentz, Matt Bowen explain what makes the new Miami Dolphins coach tick | The Daily Dolphin
Fortunately we’ve come across two of his former players in the last two weeks – Patriots tight ends coach Brian Ferentz, son of Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz, and former Redskins safety Matt Bowen, now an analyst with NationalFootballPost and the Chicago Tribune, among others.

Dolphins Coaching Staff:

Miami defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle views Super matchup from afar |
Miami Dolphins defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle’s not even sure if he’ll be able to watch the Super Bowl, much less feel comfortable about making a prediction.

Ken O'Keefe leaves Iowa for NFL's Dolphins - College Football Nation Blog - ESPN
Iowa is now in the market for both an offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator.

Dolphins Quarterbacks:

(Beware of Peyton Manning News)

Miami Dolphins: Peyton Manning's short list of desired landing spots inlcudes Miami, sources say - South Florida
Sources say Peyton Manning views the Dolphins as one of the desirable teams when/if he's released by the Colts

Dolphins must properly assess tier-three QBs – Miami Dolphins – Sun-Sentinel
There are three phases of quarterback avenues the Miami Dolphins can use to address the team’s need for a quarterback upgrade.

Peyton Manning's agent: Quarterback 'is not done' - South Florida
There’s been plenty of back and forth this month about Peyton Manning’s neck injury, his health saga, his future in Indianapolis with the Colts, if not the NFL.

Source: Dolphins chances with Manning would be good
So far the story of Peyton Manning has been one of whether he'll be healthy, whether he'll be cut by the Indianapolis Colts, and when all this will happen.

Dolphins Stadium:

Miami Dolphins want to make Sun Life Stadium feel more like the old Orange Bowl
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell made it clear Friday that the Dolphins shouldn't expect to host another Super Bowl until they make significant improvements to Sun Life Stadium.

Former Dolphins:

Source -- Kansas City Chiefs hire Brian Daboll as offensive coordinator - ESPN
The Chiefs have hired former Dolphins assistant Brian Daboll as their offensive coordinator, a league source told ESPN's Adam Schefter on Friday.