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Miami Dolphins Free Agency Candidates: Tight Ends

It's that time of the week again. Previously we have discussed potential free agent targets at QB and WR. Since many think Miami should upgrade the TE position and replace Anthony Fasano with a TE that can stretch the field more, I will take a look at some TE targets. Unfortunately, the depth at TE isn't as deep as it is at WR in free agency.

Jermichael Finley: The best TE available in free agency, it is likely Finley will receive the franchise tag if he doesn't agree to terms with Green Bay. Finley is essentially a big-bodied WR playing TE. He has great body control when getting up for the ball and can make the toughest of catches. He would undoubtedly be an upgrade with his receiving capabilities, but he lacks the run support ability Fasano has.

Fred Davis: He surpassed Chris Cooley as Washington's go-to TE last year, but he comes with a risk. He was suspended for four games in 2011 for drug use and is once incident away from being suspended for an entire season. He's a great threat in the receiving game, but he also offers limited ability in run support.

John Carlson: He missed all of last year with an injury and may come at a discounted price because of that and a down year in 2010. He's not the vertical threat many would want, but Carlson does offer abilities as a pass catching TE and a run blocker. Personally, I don't feel Carlson offers much more than Fasano in the passing game.

Martellus Bennett: He's a 6'6 TE that can run well, but not great. He has the build and the speed you'd look for with a TE to help in the passing game, but he lacks the accomplisments as he's been behind Jason Witten his entire career. He's done decently running routes and is getting better in run protection. While it may be risky to hope for him to overtake Fasano, he could at least be a very good complimentary TE that can threaten to take his job. Of course, that leaves Miami in a bind in trying to find room for Charles Clay.

Visanthe Shianco: One of the better all-around TEs out there, Shiancoe is the type that is a jack-of-all-trades, but master of none. His 6'4 height is adequate as well as his hands and speed. He also does a pretty good job in run support. While he is a good option in the short and intermediate passing game, he won't be the deep threat like TEs Jimmy Graham or Vernon Davis. Still, you match him up with another capable TE like Fasano or even Clay, Miami will have some quality weapons in the middle with Davone Bess offering additional support from the slot.

Joel Dreessen: He's a TE I like, but he's not one that many are looking for. He's a solid run blocker, but he lacks the speed to help stretch the seam. Still, he has good hands and is a threat in the short passing game. While he's not physically gifted and won't make the great plays like some of the top receiving TEs, Dreessen just finds a way to get himself in space and make the catch. Still, he doesn't offer anything more than Fasano does already.

Kellen Davis: A tall TE with some pretty good speed, Davis has never produced much, but TEs aren't exactly featured in Mike Martz's offense. Davis has the ability to work well in short and intermediate routes, but I don't believe him to have the ability to stretch the field as well as some others. He still has a bit to improve on and is more of a project player. I would be a little concerned if he was a starter, but he does offer some potential as a #2 TE. Again, that leaves in question the future of Clay as he is no less a prospect than Davis is.

Other notable TEs: Scott Chandler, Jeremy Shockey, Bo Scaife, Jacob Tamme, Randy McMichael, Craig Stevens, and Daniel Fells.