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2012 NFL Draft: Miami Dolphins Have All Seven Picks

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Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported today that the Miami Dolphins do, in fact, have all seven draft picks for the 2012 NFL Draft. Previously, it had been believed the Dolphins had sent their sixth round pick and safety Jonathan Amaya to the New Orleans Saints for running back Reggie Bush.

According to Kelly's report, the Dolphins swapped sixth round picks with the Saints, meaning Miami still has seven picks in April's Draft. As Kelly points out, this will become official when the NFL releases the entire draft order, following the owner's meeting in March. At that time, all compensatory draft picks will have been assigned, and the league will be set for the draft.

Considering that the Dolphins landed a running back who ran for 1,086 yards, had 296 receiving yards, and scored 7 touchdowns, all for a special teams player and dropping a few spots in the sixth round of the draft, the trade for Reggie Bush just keeps getting better.