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Finhead's Ramblings: 2012 NFL Draft Edition

The Combine is over and people are digesting the results. Players like Robert Griffin III, Michael Floyd, and Stephen Hill have made them hot commodities. RG3 became an even bigger story after word came out the Rams have decided to trade the second overall pick. Once again, I'll keep my thoughts in bullet format. It's just an easier thing to do since my mind tends to stray easily.

1) Sometimes I think the NFL Combine is best suited for those players trying to make themselves late round prospects. For the top and mid round guys, I think it may actually hurt clubs more than it helps. There tends to be a few prospects that become workout warriors and tend to go higher than expected. Hello Michael Floyd and Stephen Hill. While I have always considered Floyd a first round prospect, people seem to think he's now worthy of a top 10 pick. Hill is now considered by some as a first round prospect. I know Floyd ran faster than expected, as many players have, but I just don't see that great 4.4 speed when I have seen him play. If you're a Notre Dame fan, you are probably wondering why he hasn't been able to consistently separate from CB's with that 4.4 speed. I still think Floyd is a very good prospect and his 40-yard dash definitely helped him, but sometimes I think people tend to overreact when it comes to performances at the NFL Combine. Their performance in games still has to be the biggest factor to consider when drafting a player.

2) Ryan Tannehill not participating in workout drills may actually benefit the Miami Dolphins. In fact, Dolphin fans should hope Tannehill decides not to have a Pro Day as he recovers from his injury. Why is that? While other teams will want to see how Tannehill performs at workouts, Miami already has someone on their staff that should be able to tell you everything you need to know about Tannehill with his eyes closed. That happens to be Mike Sherman, former Texas A&M Head Coach and Miami's current Offensive Coordinator. If teams are unable to see Tannehill in action, they may choose not to use their first round pick on him. If Miami wishes to try and select Tannehill in the second or hope he lasts long enough into the late first round or early second round so they can trade up, the chances may be better for them to pull off the move successfully. It's not a guarantee this type of scenario happens, but if Tannehill is a target of the Dolphins, it certainly won't hurt them to have Tannehill not recover in time for his Pro Day.

3) RG3 is once again stirring up a lot of conversation based on his price since word came out the Rams will deal their pick. Rumors that the Washington Redskins may offer their first three selections in 2012 and a first round pick in 2013 are again causing people to think the price for Griffin may be high. We have to remember these are both only rumors and while I personally do feel it'd be smart for the Rams to trade their pick and feel they will do so, there is no guarantees that the price will be as high as reported of the Redskins offer. Schefter feels the Rams will ask for a similar deal for the #1 selection in the 2004 NFL Draft when the Giants traded two first round picks, a third round pick, and a fifth round pick to the San Diego Chargers. If the price is similar to the 2004 deal between the Giants and Chargers, I would be on the phone right now with the Rams. If the price is closer to the rumor of the Redskins, I would be much more hesitant to pull the trigger. Would I trade the top 3 picks in 2012 and a first round in 2013? Maybe. I wouldn't say no immediately, but I would be trying to get something else in return from the Rams, in the form of draft picks or a player. I just don't like not having a draft pick until the fourth round.

4) Speaking of the price for RG3, I would be trying to force the Rams into a deal before free agency. Would that happen? That is ultimately the decision of the Rams. Chances are you may have to pay more to secure the pick before free agency than it would cost to secure the pick in April. So why would I do that? I would be scared to lose out on Peyton Manning, Matt Flynn, and still fail to secure the second overall pick in April. There would no greater embarrassment to the Dolphin front office than to miss on all three players. If I can't land the rights to the second overall pick prior to April, I would probably start negotiating with Manning and Flynn.

5) I have always been high on Dontari Poe. I still don't know how much I'd like him in Miami, but if we're still going to use a lot of 3-4 fronts, I would absolutely love to have Poe on our team. I'm not so sure we can trade down and select him as well. He could go as high as 13 to the Arizona Cardinals. The thought of having Calais Campbell and Darnell Dockett as 3-4 DEs with Poe as the NT would give Arizona perhaps the best three-man front in the NFL. Yes, Campbel is a free agent, but I don't think he's going anywhere. Poe wouldn't be a sexy pick, but Haloti Ngata wasn't a sexy pick either.

6) Speaking of not-so-sexy picks, if the Dolphins do trade down as many hope they do, I would keep my eyes on David DeCastro. I am pretty sure I just made a few members on this site very angry, but DeCastro may be the best offensive lineman in the draft and if we're in the later teens of the first round, he would be a very solid pick. Yes, three first rounders on the offensive line. Oh the travesty! Sorry, but I am just thinking how dominant our offense can be with DeCastro. He isn't my top choice and certainly isn't my choice at #8, but if Miami moves down, I certainly won't be disappointed if he is selected.

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