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2012 NFL Mock Draft from SB Nation

It's that time of week again - SB Nation has updated their 2012 NFL Mock Draft. This is the first mock draft since the order was finalized with the coin flips on Friday morning, including the Miami Dolphins' winning the eighth overall pick, and takes into account most of the NFL Combine results.

However, a whole lot did not change in this mock draft. The Indianapolis Colts select Andrew Luck number one, then the St. Louis Rams trade out of the second position - this time to the Washington Redskins - so Robert Griffin III can go with that choice.

And the Miami Dolphins, now in their eighth position, still take Riley Reiff from Iowa. Of the offensive tackle, SB Nation writes:

" The Dolphins will need to find an able replacement for Marc Colombo to protect their QB (whomever that might be), following a season in which they finished 30th in Football Outsiders' Adjusted Sack Rate. Jonathan Martin could still work his way up draft boards, but for now, Reiff is the answer to their right tackle needs. Teams do not often invest a high pick in a right tackle, but bookending him with Jake Long could set the Dolphins OTs up for the next several years."

Personally, I am still okay with this pick, but I'm not thrilled by it. I am leaning more and more toward taking Melvin Ingram at this position, if Miami lands Peyton Manning or Matt Flynn in free agency. If they don't get one of the two big name free agents, I would not be surprised if they make a push for RG3, even though the asking price will be three to four first round picks. Otherwise, I think they may go ahead and land Ryan Tannehill at this position.