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St. Louis Rams decide to trade the 2nd overall pick

According to ESPN, the St. Louis Rams will trade the second overall choice in the 2012 NFL Draft. The Rams have even held trade discussions with the Cleveland Browns, Washington Redskins, Miami Dolphins, and an unknown team outside the top ten. It's likely that unnamed team is the Seattle Seahawks or Kansas City Chiefs.

According to their sources, the Rams will seek a similar deal to which the San Diego Chargers and New York Giants in the deal for Eli Manning, the first overall pick of the 2004 NFL Draft. In that deal, the Giants sent two first round picks, a third round pick, and a fifth round pick to the Chargers.

If a trade is close to the deal the Chargers and Giants made in 2004, the cost of a trade for Robert Griffin III would be less than some have anticipated. The Browns still have to be considered the favorite because two 2012 first round picks would carry more value than a first round pick in 2012 and another first round pick in 2013. It's still hard to say the Dolphins are a favorite for Griffin, but it's at least being shown they are strongly considering such a move. This might be a rare instance when a team tries to secure the trade a month prior to the draft as they would not want to miss on free agents Peyton Manning and Matt Flynn if a trade for the second pick falls through.

Many members here have withdrawn from the idea of trading up for Griffin because the cost was considered too high, but if the deal would be similar to the 2004 deal for Eli Manning, I believe many members here would reconsider their stances. Personally, I don't believe two first round picks, a third round pick, and a fifth round pick would be too expensive. I just hope the Dolphins don't skip over free agent QBs and miss out on Griffin in April. In the unlikely event that Miami goes into the 2012 season with Matt Moore as QB, I believe many at this site would be extremely disappointed.

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