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Monday Night Random Live Thread:Most Identifiable Movie Song Edition

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So its Monday again and that means we have another post that is movie based or has some sort of a movie theme. I am of course still looking for ideas so do not hesitate to email me (email is at the bottom of the page or on my profile) with any ideas for posts you might have.

So tonight's question is what song do you hear that you instantly identify with a particular movie? Mine is a classic on its own (which you will see after the jump) but I can not hear this song without thinking of one of my all time favorite movies, Goodfellas. For those of you that have seen it I am sure that you love it as well as Martin Scorsese is a brilliant movie maker. For those that have not, shame on you. Go out right now and find a copy and then sit down and watch it!

Goodfellas for those of you that do not know is an adaptation of the book "Wiseguy" by crime reporter Nicholas Pileggi. It was turned in to a screenplay by Pileggi and Scorsese. It is the story of Henry Hill (played by actor Ray Liotta in the film), a mobster turned FBI informant. It spans a period from 1957 until 1980 when he was arrested on drug charges and convinced that he was about to become victim of a mob hit, turned states evidence.

As always this is a live thread and so there is no set topic of discussion. We do ask that you avoid politics and religion while doing your best to keep the discussion as close to PG as possible as this is a front paged post.

So, tell me what is the song/songs that instantly take you back to a movie or a particular scene from a movie?

I still can not to this day hear this song and not think of Hank Hill (Ray Liotta) driving around in that big Caddy with this song rolling in the background.