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2012 NFL Free Agency: Paul Soliai Heading to AFC West?

This time last year, the Miami Dolphins were placing the dreaded franchise tag on nose tackle Paul Soliai, paying him $12 million, fully guaranteed, for one year of service. Soliai responded by being named to this season's Pro Bowl. However, after a year of trying to work out a long term deal with Soliai, the Dolphins are expecetd to let their nose tackle walk away in free agency this offseason.

According to ESPN AFC East blogger James Walker, that could mean Soliai ends up with the Kansas City Chiefs or the San Diego Chargers. The Dolphins ran a lot of four man fronts on defense last year, and are expected to continue that trend this season. Soliai, who excels as a 3-4 nose tackle, as compared to a 4-3 defensive tackle, could be looking to go to a team that sticks to the 3-4 base defense. Enter the Chargers and Chiefs.

With the Dolphins looking to move on from Soliai, Walker writes:

"Miami's defense is talented and should be fine without Soliai. He will cash in somewhere in free agency, just not with the Dolphins, who have bigger needs."