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Saturday Night Random Live Thread:Favorite Album Edition


Long Key, Fl sunset (© 2009 texascowpunk)

Tonight continues the music theme for Saturday nigh posts. Last weekends post seemed to go over well so now I will go in a slightly different direction. Tonight's question is what is your favorite full length album of all time. This could be and is probably from your favorite artist of all time but it does not have to be. Mine just so happens to be.

My choice is a later offering from my all time favorite artist but after an already HOF music career he did what many artist do. He sort of went through a phase where he tried things that were just a bit outside of his wheelhouse. Some of it worked but much of it did not but in general none of it was terrible (unlike what others can say about their experimental phases). Some of it was the 80's which really sucked some great and classic bands in to a funk. Some never recovered. Some came out the other side unscathed.

Luckily he came back in the early 90's with an album that was considered a follow up to his classic album twenty years before. This wound up being one of his most popular albums after a career filled with hit and even mega hits. I myself concede that it is not his best album, that one came out in 1970, but still my favorite. Lot's of good times tied to this album. This album, besides having three songs chart and going Multi-Platinum spurred several covers from the likes of Ann Wilson (Heart), Ben Gibbard (Death Cab For Cutie), Neko Case (if you do not know her then shame on you) and Pearl Jam among others.

By now, if I had to guess only one or two of you might know who and what album I am talking about except Keith. I am sure he knows. So find out after the jump and then tell us about your all time favorite album.