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Thursday Night Random Live Thread:I Can't Wait To Visit (Again) Edition


Old truck outside of Taos New Mexico. ( ©2010 texascowpunk)

So as most of you that come to this thread nightly know I have been asking for ideas for this post. Specifically subject matter as the subject changes daily. Thus far I have nailed down five out of seven days as far as theme for those subject go. Mondays are movie based, Tuesdays have something to do with food, Wednesday is TV night, Friday is of course Victory of the week and Saturdays are music. I would like to nail down a theme for each night and then have people suggest specific subjects for each post. Of course any night that we have a football game or other major sporting event will revert to that as the subject de jour.

Tonight's post is a random subject (maybe that could be one of the nights) inspired by the suggestions of Alan aka Fansince70. My question of the night is of all the places you have lived or visited which is the place you long to get back to for a visit or even to live? Mine would probably be Australia. I lived for 8 months in the Melbourne area and loved the country, the people, the food, the women, the beer. Did I mention the women? That's of course to visit and not live again. I also touched down in Auckland NZ on the way there and back and at least from the air it may be the most beautiful place I have ever seen so add that to the list as well. As far as live I would like to either move back to the Keys or possibly to Santa Fe NM at some point. Hell maybe even split time based on the seasons between the two with some time in Austin.

So what is your place? Where have you lived/visited that you would like to move back to or visit again and why?

This song always reminds me of driving through the SW US for some reason....