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Miami Dolphins All-Time Top 100 Players: 84. James Brown

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I'd like to apologize for, and indicate that I realize that's not a picture of James Brown. In my defense, there is a dearth of pics available online for several offensive lineman prior to 2005. That being said, James Brown (No, not "The Godfather of Soul,") was originally selected in the third round of the 1992 NFL Draft by the Dallas Cowboys with the 82nd overall pick out of Virginia State. He did not impress the Cowboys' brass in training camp, however, and was released before the start of the season.

Brown spent his first professional season on the New York Jets practice squad, finally making the roster in 1993. He appeared in 14 games during his "official" rookie season, starting one at the right tackle position. He would spend two more seasons with the Jets, appearing in 44 games overall and starting 19, again at the right tackle position.

The Miami Dolphins picked Brown up prior to the 1996 season, and he would start all 16 games. He made a living out of carving holes for running back Karim Adbul-Jabbar to run through. Jabbar would gain a total of 1,116 yards on 307 carries, scoring 11 touchdowns.

Brown would retain the position in 1997, again starting all 17 games (including a playoff loss to the New England Patriots). He helped Jabbar score a league leading 16 touchdowns, while helping to restrict opposing teams to 20 sacks on quarterback Dan Marino.

In 1998, Brown started all 18 games (including a wildcard win against the Buffalo Bills and a divisional playoff loss to the Denver Broncos). Marino was only sacked 23 times that season, and Jabbar nearly eclipsed 1,000 yards.

Brown signed a five-year, $10.5 million deal prior to the 1999 season, but only stayed with Miami for one more season, starting 14 of the 15 games in which he would appear. He would spend the 2000 season with the Cleveland Browns, retiring after the season.

In total, Brown played 63 games for the Dolphins over four regular seasons, starting 62 games at the right tackle position.