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Finhead's Ramblings: The Empty Mind Edition

I don't really have a specific topic in mind here. My mind is blank on a specific topic. Instead, I'll just post a few keys things we could be looking for.

1) The coin toss for the NFL Draft tie-breakers will be held on Friday for the Dolphins/Panthers and Chiefs/Seahawks draft positioning. If Miami picks #8 before Carolina in the first round, the Panthers will pick before Miami in the second round. The positioning will alternate each round. Roger Goodell will flip the coin at the Westin Hotel in Indianapolis. I think this is a great opportunity for OFF4L to get a great photo with M.M. and Goodell. Instant classic!

2) There is a belief the Vikings will release Steve Hutchinson because of his contract and age. He'd be another quality guard on the market, but at 35, he'd be a stopgap solution on the line. If he was five years younger, I would be drooling at the thought of what the left side of our line would look like.

3) In regards to the New England Patriots, Brandon Lloyd is reportedly interested in playing for them. Lloyd would give the Patriots what they need at WR, but a more intriguing report has surfaced. Some think New England may make a play on Mike Wallace, the Steelers WR, even as a restricted free agent. Would it be worth surrendering a late first round pick? He's only 25 and is one of the better deep threats in the NFL. It would be a terrific move for New England. Makes you wonder though. Would you be willing to trade the #8 or #9 overall pick for Wallace? He's young and is exactly what Miami needs at WR, but he'd be a bit pricey with an extension. If it came to Wallace vs Riley Reiff, I have a feeling some Miami fans would choose Wallace.

4) I spoke last week about Osi Umenyiora about a potential trade. Umenyiora said today he plans on being quiet this offseason and will keep a low profile. If he doesn't cause a distraction, the Giants may decide to hang on to him for his final contract year.

5) We may see more franchise tag tenders this year because of the new CBA. Under the old agreement, players were paid the average of the top five-highest paid players at their position for the season. With the new CBA, they judge the tag number on the franchise tag number for the five previous seasons. As a result, most positions have had their franchise tag number drop around $2 million. For defensive tackles, the price fell from $12.5 to $7.9 million. Unfortunately, for players that were tagged in the previous season, they will still receive 120% of their previous season's salary, which is why Soliai would cost over $15 million to tag instead of $7.9 million.

6) Dan Henning-like thought here. Tannehill was Texas A&M's best WR before he was starting WR. He's 6'4 and has decent speed. Tannehill would be great for the Wildcat package. Oh wait, I forgot, that should no longer be in our playbook. A few years too late for our primitive offense.

7) Going back to the lineman debate for the first round pick here. Many don't like the thought of a Reiff because Miami would have 3 first round picks on the OL next year. The reasoning is they can get a tackle later in the draft, like Zebrie Sanders in the second round. Couldn't you be just as happy though if Miami selected Reiff at #8 or #9 and then someone like Vinny Curry or Nick Perry in the second if available? I know it's never exciting to draft OL in the first round, but it wouldn't mean our draft would be a fail. Just don't be grading our draft as a F after the first round if we end up with Reiff.

8) I'm surprised there isn't more talk of Tommy Streeter as a draft prospect. He's 6'5 and can run a sub-4.4. He has a bit of improvement to do, but he has a ton of talent. Personally, I'd love him as a mid-round prospect.