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2012 NFL Mock Draft from SB Nation

Ryan Van Bibber from SB Nation has updated his 2012 NFL Mock Draft ahead of this week's Scouting Combine. Acknowledging that the combine will force changes to the mock draft, Van Bibber takes one last shot before everything is shuffled by 40-times, standing long jumps, and guys in their underwear.

Once again, Van Bibber templates a trade near the top of the draft, this time having the Cleveland Browns jump up from the fourth overall position to the St. Louis Rams' second position to grab Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III.

As for the Miami Dolphins, Van Bibber falls in with what seems to be the prevailing choice for Miami right now, tackle Riley Reiff from the Iowa Hawkeyes.

"Combine performances could change the conversation about the offensive tackles in this draft. A big week from Reiff and the chattering classes will be debating their positional rankings. Reiff shores up pass protection on the right side and gives the Dolphins some insurance for Jake Long, who battled injuries last year and will be a free agent in 2013."

Check out the entire mock draft for all the picks.