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Robert Griffin III Ready for Combine Interviews, Not Going to Throw

Baylor Bears quarterback Robert Griffin III is looking forward to this week's NFL Scouting Combine. Although the Heisman Trophy winner is planning to wait for his pro day on March 21 to throw, Griffin expects to impress teams, particularly in the interview process.

"I'm excited to wow them in the interviews with the type of offense that we run, just so they can understand it's not as simple as some people make our spread out to be. It's a different kind of spread," Griffin said, according to a Washington Post report . "Although I don't agree with it, but people say I just burst on the scene this year, so no one knows much about me, whether NFL GMs or analysts, so I get a chance to put my best foot forward.

"At first glance, they see four or five wide receivers, a lot of motion, a lot of different sets of formations," Griffin continued. "If you take it from that aspect, it's exactly the same things that the pros do, go two-tight, four wide and two tight ends, and tight end at running back like the Patriots do."

Griffin is expected to be the second quarterback selected in April's NFL Draft, behind Stanford Cardinal Andrew Luck, but Griffin is doing everything he can to move up to the top spot.

"We both want to be the best, we both want to be No. 1. Whether I get drafted first or not, it's not going to change the way I play," Griffin said. "All I can say, it's about motivation. You never want to feel like everybody thinks you're a sure thing in life because it can rob you of your motivation to go out and get better."

The NFL Scouting Combine starts on Wednesday with kickers, offensive lineman, and tight ends reporting. Quarterbacks report on Thursday. The Combine runs through Tuesday, February 28.