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Former Miami Dolphins Fullback Lousaka Polite Speaks About New England and Being in Super Bowl

Former Miami Dolphins fullback Lousaka Polite spoke with James Walker of ESPN's AFC East Blog today, talking about being in the Super Bowl, his time in Miami, and the Dolphins fans.

A couple of highlights from the interview included Polite talking about being in the Super Bowl:

Walker: "A year ago you were with the Dolphins, and a year later you're in the Super Bowl with a rival team. Could you have predicted this?"

Polite: "No way, man. This journey has been so unpredictable. But that's why you stay in the moment and stay mentally prepared and mentally tough. You just don't know what's going to be coming your way. So the best thing you can do is keep that tunnel vision. Because if you start doubting yourself, or start questioning what the next move is, you have to remind yourself that you can't control that. But you can stay in shape and stay prepared."

The "Lousaka Monster" also sent a message to his fans back in Miami.

"Man, I love the Miami Dolphins fans. They showed me tons of love and I appreciate them. I still have a home there in the offseason, and I'm sure I will see them. I thank them for everything they've done for me the last couple of years. It was a great ride. I appreciate all the Dolphans."

Check out the entire interview with Lousaka Polite ahead of Super Bowl XLVI at ESPN's website.