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Miami Dolphins News You May Have Missed - 2/18/12

Here are the Miami Dolphins news stories from around the web you may have missed over the last 24 hours:

Dolphins Coaching Staff: news: 'Fins OC Sherman recalls Philbin as solid student
Long before Mike Sherman agreed to work for Joe Philbin as Miami's offensive coordinator, he was grading the new Dolphins coach's papers as a creative writing professor.

Dolphins Defense:

The Miami Dolphins tentatively plan to remain a hybrid 3-4 defense under new head coach Joe Philbin - South Florida
The film study of the Dolphins' defensive personnel hasn't been completed. Few members of Joe Philbin's new coaching staff have worked with any of the players. The Dolphins haven't even begun restocking the team's supply of talent through free agency and the draft.

Dolphins Offseason:

Miami Dolphins offseason game plan: Job 1 is to sign Manning or Flynn - NFL - Sporting News
The Dolphins won’t be overhauling their roster, despite a new coaching staff under recently hired Joe Philbin. And despite the team’s 6-10 record in 2011, the Dolphins have a decent core of talent on both sides of the ball, which helps explain why they won win six of their final nine games.